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The Tyrant’s Tranquilizer Chapter 1

Since ch 1 had a lot of mistakes,the decision to re -release it was made.Many thanks to Yserieh for editing this.

The birds flew into the window as if they were bringing in the morning. Amelie opened her eyes to the wooden pillars on her bed.

“Oh, I cannot get used to this…”

Amelie sat up and turned her head to the window. The morning sun shone through the forest beyond the window that was unfamiliar.

Her original name is Lee Soo-yeon. She was an ordinary person in her twenties, who went to work in Seoul. As usual she had gone to sleep only to not wake up in her studio in a gray building, but in a hut in this forest.

‘If you think again …’

Before being transported here, it was a normal day that was no different from another day. She had worked, worked and worked. Soo-yeon went to lay in bed as soon as she left work from the exhaustion. She had read a novel to relax.

It was a fantasy novel about a woman’s revenge. The protagonist, Rene Dellaheim, had a younger sister. The Delaheim family were a very peaceful rural Count estate and her sister was a concubine of the Emperor. They were a family without much power, even though her sister lived in the Imperial Palace. One day, however, the Emperor kills her sister and destroys her family and estate. With Renee being only one surviving, she uses her special swordsmanship to hide her identity in order to enter the Imperial House and seeks an opportunity to get vengeance.

Then Rene learns how her sister had lived so poorly that she then becomes a leader of the rebel, realizing the reality of the country, while taking revenge for her sister. That part was the climax of the novel, the Rebel leader and the Emperor in the final battle. The Emperor and the Swordmaster were not easy opponents for one another. After a fierce fight, Rene kills the Emperor.

‘Hurray! That’s it!’

She did not know how long she had been waiting. She read the novel only to lay her eyes on this scene. She held the cell phone with both hands and savored the climax.

‘Now the protagonist will walk only the flower path!’

But the story did not flow as she expected. Suddenly the reverse came out!

In fact, a [Catastrophe] was sealed in Emperor’s body and, as soon as Rene killed the Emperor, the seal was broken. As the [Catastrophe] spread, the world began to perish. The rain did not come down, the grain dried up, and the ground split and shook. In the city, hundreds of people were killed on the day of the plague. The corpses contaminated the water and the black worms covered the blue sky. It was indeed the end…

‘I get angry when I think about it again.’

Soo-yeon clenched her fist tightly. A soft plaid blanket rustled. Renee was not wrong. She wanted to avenge her family and in the process she only woke up to the bigger goal of saving the world. It was a very natural act to kill her enemies and the tyrant who was ruining the country. But all the hardships led to destruction.

It was a cruel way to do it.

‘Do you know how it feels when you read a novel while pouring time and money only to read this ending? Uh!’

Soo-yeon was deeply frustrated and struck her cellphone. If this was going to be the case, the Emperor should not have been developed as the final boss! The story ends in the scene where disaster spreads…

“I’m frustrated.”

She took short breaths and threw a tantrum. She threw her cell phone in the corner and laid down in bed. Then she closed her eyes and muttered, “If I could, I would have done this better.”

A voice whispered in her ear. [Then why don’t you do it.]

‘Someone’s voice in a home where I live alone?’

Then she was surprised to see that she had come into this body.

The name of this body is Amelie Bourbon. She was the sister of the heroine, Rene’s trauma, and the trigger character in the novel. She was a concubine of the Emperor, the tyrant, but she was neglected and murdered brutally.

The woman who dies from the beginning! A woman who does not even appear in the story except for background!

“Just because I didn’t like the novel, I had to do this?!” Soo-yeon shouted to the air. She didn’t know how many times she shouted, but the feelings of anger and frustration did not decrease.
‘Why don’t you just let the world recent drama viewers do it? Why does it have anything to do with me?!’

Soo-yeon smiled at Amelie’s body. It had already been two weeks since then. She originally tried to use a number of ways to get back to her body. But there was no use.

“I’m done for. I’m really done for!”

Amelie’s life was miserable by itself. The Tyrant Emperor hunts to the forest of Fidelia and meets Amelie, who lived alone in the forest, by chance. He falls in love at first sight.

He takes her to the Imperial Palace. However, after coming to the Imperial Palace, the Emperor leaves Amelie. Because his interest in her ends, Delahime’s Count asks him to send Amelie back home, but Emperor refuses even that. Amelie then becomes miserable and depressed. She even gets mocked and ignored by maids working at the Palace.

Eventually she dies in the hands of the Emperor, the Count instigates the rebellion. All the Delahime forces are executed and the knights of the Emperor kill the citizens, even the young.

‘I’m scared…’

Soo-yeon could not stand all of this. It was detailed how Amelie lived in the Imperial Palace for a very long time and died. It was a means to justify the heroine’s revenge.

Soo-yeon cried out with the quilt over her. ‘I don’t want to die, I don’t want to go to the Imperial Palace and be harassed. If I don’t do something, I’ll be dead soon!’

After crying for a few days, Soo-Yeon started to have more realistic worries.

“What should I do next?” According to the original story, the Emperor will visit her before the winter passes. And, then she will have to go to the Imperial palace. There were two actions she could take.

First, change the future using the knowledge of the original, and second, to run away without looking back.

Suoo-Yeon’s choice was, of course, the second one. She didn’t even need to think twice. She only considered the option of running away.

There was a year before the story of the actual novel starts.
All of the information she gained from the novel was not likely to be of any help after a year anyway. There is no guarantee that the future will flow as novel originated.

Moreover, Soo-yeon was scared of the Emperor. This reason was the biggest. The Emperor was a capricious and cruel person. Killing slaves by hunting them or doing sadistic acts against them. If she chose only the worst things she could say… ‘A dull person like myself could only get my throat cut if I went to the Imperial Palace.’

“I want to live. I have to run away!”

The death flags for Amelie were scattered everywhere and she had to flee quickly before she met the emperor in the forest. It was fortunate that Soo-yeon had all of Amelie’s memories.
Amelie Bourbon was a witch. A witch is a female person who naturally wields magic. They could use special magic power which they received.

The Witch’s magic is passed down to a girl only through mother’s side.

Since witches were reclusive, it is extremely rare to know about them. An average person thinks that witches are those who use strange, ancient laws only known to them. It didn’t help twenty years ago, since there was a witch hunting movement through the empire, witches hid their identity even more thoroughly.

Nevertheless, she embraced that she was a witch.

‘I do not have any other technical skills to help me survive in any case.’

On the surface, there was a demand for witches to be persecuted, but under the table, their magic and fortune were in demand.

A priest or doctor were high nosed, expensive, and did not take care of the commoners. The commoners naturally had to depend on the witches. Especially for the womanly care,people sought for witches more diligently then doctors.

‘I think with this ability, I can settle down anywhere I go, so I am going to leave the forest of Fidelia.’

But it took time to work on the actual execution of the plan. Amelie’s memories never truly helped her, because she had never been out of the woods and had no idea of the world outside the forest. It was too dangerous to take a trip with only herself without preparation.

While looking for a place to settle, she would need some money, food, and medicines. She would need to know how the world works.
So, for two weeks, Soo-yeon made the preparations. She found out something she could sell at home, sold it out, and then bought food.

And she learned magic. Amelie was a witch, but because she was an idiot she did not know how to use her strength. It was best to learn control so that it does not cause damage to the surroundings.

Fortunately, there were magic books left by her Grandma, who was also a Witch, scattered throughout the house.The books were well organized by the difficult level, so she practiced while reading the books.

At first, she only wanted to know what would a book be like learning, but she was able to use magic more efficiently. For Soo-yeon the contents of the book were as easy as ‘raise your hand to hold the object’. While studying, she realized she could do what she wanted to just by reading about them.

To witches, magic is as natural as moving their legs.

Because she did not have a lot of time, she learned only the most basic spells. Telekinesis of things without touching, shapeshifting into animals, and medicine making magic. During this time, Amelie’s memory and magic became more a part of her. She naturally accepted that she was now Amelie Bourbon.

And today was the long-awaited departure day.

The Sun was bright and Amelie woke up slowly, made her bed and started housework. She packed her bags last night, and it was easy to get rid of the house. Amelie, who had a habit of a worrywart, was restless about that one thing.

“I don’t know if there’s a reason to even worry about this,” She muttered.

Because the house was now empty as it was new. If one did not know, one might think it was a house from which someone was about to move into or from.

She finished the housework then prepared a meal. A family of deer came into the garden. They walked slowly towards Amelie. She had seen it a few times, but it still filled her with a nature-friendly feeling. It was still strange to her.

Amelia looked at them and sat down at the table. She prepared soft white bread with crisp, juicy sausages, a salad from the garden, and a piece of chicken. It is a lot of food for breakfast, but she would eat the leftovers in the evening.

She put a lot of fresh butter on the bread, then took a big bite.The soft bread crumbled in her mouth, mixed with the taste of salty butter.


It is a different flavor from artificial butter made from vegetable oil bought from a store. The sausage was also very delicious, which she bought directly from the nearby farmhouse. She rinsed her oily mouth by drinking the tea that had refreshing aroma. Soon it was only a matter of time to clean the empty dishes and pack the leftovers.

While enjoying the meal, Amelie reflected on her anxieties.

‘Do I have to tell my family that I’m leaving?’

She knew that the Emperor is approaching Fidelia soon. According to Amelie’s calculation, the emperor would be very close by now. But she obviously had a family and she couldn’t leave without saying a word. She knew better on how much Amelie meant to Renee, the main character.

She had no family when she was a child in her old life. She did not know who her originally parents were. The police had found that the little girl, lost on the streets, and sent her to a facility after failing to find her parents. Staff of the facility were friendly and helpful. She grew up very well there.

That’s why, throughout the novel, Rene’s deep love with her family touched her.

She used to sympathize with her. ‘Yes, lets go to talk a little bit. Show yourself, and show them that now you can live alone so they will be relieved.’

It would be better to speak face to face than to send a letter saying that she was traveling. Amelie stuffed the rest of her bread into her mouth.

It is time to leave now.

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